The GOOD Things!

It's not all bad, in fact, there's a LOT of good things about menopause. Many women talk about having more self-confidence, being more relaxed, taking the time to find out who they are, having the good sense to know that it's "my turn now". Well, here are some of the things you've all said.... in your own words.

  1. Time for myself now that the kids are out of the house
  1. No fear of unwanted pregnancy
  1. Feeling of peace
  1. Less angst or anger
  1. Little to no vaginal bleeding
  1. Listening to my friends complain about their periods and cramps and me saying "I don't have that problem anymore." And they tell me how lucky I am, and I say "YEP". And snicker
  1. I feel less concern about my LOOKS........ its nice to be able to sit back and not wear makeup every day. I go for comfortable clothes now and don't have a fit if I don't look cool or stylish every day. I guess that might sound like, "letting myself go" - and it is in a way, maybe - but I see it as relaxing and being myself for a change... not following all the trends of the market place.
  1. I feel less anxious because I don't have a man in my life.
  1. I feel more sympathetic and patient towards the world
  1. I have a broader spectrum of friends who I relate to just because they are who they are
  1. I am loving life and finding much more of interest, that was outside my field of vision before
  1. I am able to assert myself, such as asking for the manager to correct poor restaurant service
  1. I know and often accept who I am, my own strengths and frailties
  1. I get it that life is a wild ride, and you cannot control it. I may not like it and may get depressed or rail at this reality, but I do get it.
  1. I do not have to prove myself and I can chuckle at the little kid in me who still gets all insecure.
  1. I have a depth of friendships way beyond anything a young woman can have.
  1. I know I need to take care of my body for me, my health and not to live up to some kate moss ideal
  1. I am damn good at my job and I know it
  1. I can savor my accomplishments: raising my children well, helping loved ones die peacefully after long illnesses, setting limits, leaving an abusive spouse and truly starting over, etc.
  1. I know there are many choices, not just right or wrong-so I can be more at ease in decision making
  1. I am more friendly with myself and with my body as a part of me.
  1. I am on the verge of a passage into the second phase of my life and I get to take this cool wise woman, me, along with me and all the lessons and values and laughter and wisdom of the first hard-won period of my life
  1. I am equipped with the knowledge to know what is going on and to be able to cope the best I can with what is going
  1. There are bad days; there are good days, but all in all, viewing myself as my best friend and liking myself for the first time in my life carries no price tag.
  1. Blending youth and maturity has been a valuable lesson well learned and still being learned.
  1. I found that going through the changes of perimenopause accelerated my personal growth.
  1. With each monthly cycle, when I would experience the emotional window of PMS, I felt I was given an opportunity to work on deep emotional issues. Every month I would discover what was on my plate that month. Perimenopause made me look at all of my "stuff" on a much deeper level (the door was open and the emotional flood was not to be stopped any longer!).
  1. With the help of a spiritual guide and a therapist and now a group, I feel much better about myself. I have found my voice. I have found my life. I have positive feelings about myself and acceptance of myself and others in ways I never dreamed possible. I've claimed my power, to be me!
  1. I am able to challenge myself to greater strength and ability.
  1. This is an ongoing journey and adventure with which I am not yet done. I continue to look at and accept what is. A wonderful adventure!
  1. The sense of taking back one's life, a journey to acceptance and wholeness
  1. Women do not realize most of the time how much power they really have--or how much they are tapped/tuned into the magic which glues the universe together.
  1. With experience, some wisdom and the light of understanding; a lifetime of spiritual growth, much healing-- knowing the cyclical nature of all existence, it all makes sense.
  1. Life is more of an adventure now. Sure, there's still stress, there are deadlines, there is pain, especially the pain of losing friends and loved ones. But I can look back and tally the accomplishments, most of them are small but I'm still proud of them. I can tally all the good things that have happened, I can look at my children and grandchildren and feel pride......  Two kinds of pride - I'm proud of them, and I'm proud of myself and feel that they're proud of me too, for being who I am. When I see all the milestones, all the bad things I've overcome and become stronger for it, I know that I can get through anything. Bring it on, Life, I can deal with it!



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