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Many of us (most of us?!) have experienced dissatisfaction with healh care providers. We've left our doctor's office feeling frustrated, patronized, and angry but usually do nothing about it. The women of the Menopaus list have decided it's time we do something about it! Start 'making waves' when you feel that you did not get the care and attention you deserve.... and are paying for, don't just go angrily along your way and try to forget the whole thing. We have to start making our wishes, frustrations and desires known if we expect anyone to do anything about it. What follows is a form to be sent to any health care providor, HMO, medical board, etc.

This form was authored by Susan Klee, with help from the subscribers to the Menopaus list.


It is intended that this form letter be used whenever you encounter rudeness, delays, cruelty or incompetence in the medical care you receive from physicians, nurses, physicians* assistants or other medical personnel.

Fill it out as is, or modify it to suit your own situation.


1. Before you begin to write, decide who you are writing to: the doctor, the state medical board, the HMO? This will help you establish an appropriate *tone of voice* as you relate your story.

2. Keep your cool! Wait until you have calmed down, and get another person to look over the form letter after you have filled it out. 

Describe what happened in very neutral language. Use a chronology if you can: describe what happened by day, date, or time. This will help you stay cool as you write.

3. Be as specific as you can and still be relatively brief. Be sure to use accurate names, dates, quotations.




EXAMPLE I called Dr. X*s office to make an appointment. I was on hold 20 minutes. I made an appt for Oct. 10 at 10:00 a.m. I arrived at 10:00 and was seen at 10:55. As I described my symptoms, Dr. X down-played their importance. He prescribed ___. After being on the medication for one week, I called to say it was not having the desired effect. In fact, I was feeling worse. I was put on hold for 20 minutes, told the doctor would call me back. He did not.


EXAMPLE Anger and depression at un-caring medical *care* Continuing symptoms I am without a primary care physician since I will not return to Dr. X.


EXAMPLE (1) Assignment to a different [GP?] [OB/GYN?}

(2) Review of my records by HMO and new MD.

(3) Prescription of ____ with monitoring every two weeks until efficacy or non-efficacy and presence or absence of side effects have been established.

(4) Full discussion with me of my options in dealing with this severely debilitating condition.


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