Is Hysterectomy the Answer?

Not always.

For some women, depending upon the circumstances, having a hysterectomy may be the only possible solution. But for many, not only is it not the only choice, it may even be the wrong choice.

It's just not true that the only thing that is different after a hysterectomy is that a woman no longer has periods. There are other changes, especially if the ovaries are removed. Get more information before making a decision that will affect the rest of your life.

A very good source of medical information is HERS (Hysterectomy Educational Resources and Services). They have a library of medical articles and will send copies for the price of xeroxing and postage. They will also talk with you individually about the nature of your problem and the possible actions.

The HERS website is:


Phone: ( 610 ) 667-7757

Toll Free: ( 888 ) 750-HERS or ( 888 ) 750-4377

Fax: ( 610 ) 667-8096




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Some symptoms may also be associated with thyroid, heart disease and other medical conditions and your primary caregiver should be consulted.

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